Faculty of Medicine & Biomedical Science


MAHSA University's Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Science offers the best modern and traditional modes of learning, which include subject-based, system-synchronized curricula across all its programmes.

The faculty hosts a broad range of programmes, from diploma to degree and postgraduate qualifications, in either Medicine or Biomedical Science. All programmes are lecture-driven by highly experienced lecturers using innovative methods such as problem-based learning (PBL), e-learning, early clinical exposure (ECE) and small group sessions (with movies, debates, and role play). Students are thus immersed in a dynamic learning environment that optimises their academic experience.

Core teaching skills are further enhanced by our modern facilities, which features ultra-modern wet and dry anatomy laboratories, biomedical science laboratories, Computer Assisted Learning (CAL), and integrated digital laboratories.

With an integrated faculty structure, these state-of-the-art facilities and expertise of lecturers are available across all programmes in the faculty.

Credited to: MAHSA University's Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Science



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